WORD OF MOUTH Process Book

WORD OF MOUTH Process Book


Boston is a city that is widely known for its expanded thinking and creative energy; especially in the fields of art and music. Why then does the city lack a developed and unified community of local rap and hip-hop artists, when it clearly has the means and talents to house such a thing? Why are Boston rappers ignored or forgotten so easily? Why is there little to no awareness of these great, local hip-hop talents?

This is where WORD OF MOUTH comes into play. Through the application of guerrilla and digital marketing campaigns WORD OF MOUTH aims to intrigue it’s audience and instigate a wave of discovery of local hip-hop talents. WORD OF MOUTH will help to expand the outreach of Boston rappers’ influences, while assisting in the development of a prominent and localized rap & hip-hop community.


I created a series of stickers for the company and stuck them up all around the city of Boston in hopes to draw attention to both the brand of the company and the artists/rappers that would be showcased through WORD OF MOUTH.

A Twitter and Instagram page were both also created so that any interested persons were able to easily find and follow the actions the company on a day-to-day basis.


A mock-up video was created to display the idea of using DEAD DROPS as another guerrilla-tactic for getting Boston hip-hop to the people.

DEAD DROPS are an off-the-grid form of information storage, used mostly by spies during wars in order to give information to their comrades without being caught. WORD OF MOUTH took this technique and added their own twist to it: the DEAD DROPS store hot, new music from local hip-hop artists for users to search for and find. It's a way to add a little excitement to the already mundane experience of downloading music.