Alfredo's restaurant rebrand

In a small, one-man style kitchen in Allston, Massachusetts stands an old man by the name of Alfredo. Calm and contempt, Alfredo spends every day (except for Sundays) in his restaurant’s kitchen whipping up the most delicious and inviting Italian dishes for his customers. From chicken saltimbocca, to shrimp scampi, to linguini with puttanesca sauce, Alfredo creates masterful dishes of Italian cuisine which serve to both satisfy and comfort all who choose to eat at his restaurant.

The rebranding of Alfredo’s pushes the restaurant’s identity into a one of elegance and professionalism. Shades of gold paired with white allude to imagery from other high-end restaurants, shops, and boutiques, and the minimal typography adds a very modern touch to the identity. The icons serve to summarize the feel and experience of Alfredo’s meals, as well as serving as a consistent decorative element across all items of the restaurant’s identity. 

Alfredo's Posters FINAL.png
Alfredo's Posters FINAL2.png
Alfredo's Posters FINAL3.png